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Money is an important element in everyone’s life as it gives the energy to meet our expenses for living, luxury, and necessity as well as saving/investing for our futures. In this world, we can be either victim of money or champions of money and the decision is ours. Hence, there is a need to understand money management techniques.  Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, gave an example of cash flow management explaining
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How to get comfortable when the camera button is switched ON? For some people, being in front of a webcam or camera is very natural. For those who like attention, this can be an enjoyable activity. But for those who are camera-shy or introverted, it can be nerve-wracking to be on a webcam in your webinars or shooting for your digital courses.  Many people are camera shy. It’s completely normal. Being a trainer/coach/speaker, you may
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Who is a MOTHER? Is she someone who gives birth to a child or anyone who has maternal instincts, emotions, and the ability to give maternal love?  Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.-Oprah Winfrey As coaches’ trainers and authors, we constantly create new content but do you feel sometimes that you are hitting the dead-end and not able to come up with creative ideas? Sometimes we are creators at other times
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Google had conducted a survey a few years back to see what young people think about popular brands. It turns out that brands with an entrepreneurial story behind them are considered the coolest. As young people are trying to navigate away from the “corporate jungle” towards the land of supposed “entrepreneurial paradise,” a lot of misconceptions arise.  Perhaps this has to do with the media or the advice they receive but often these insights can derail a person
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Our first Annual TLC Conference – TILT 2021 @Goa on 19th & 20th Aug 2021 – Dream Come True Event with 42 new Authors book launched!!! TILT 2021 had TLC Mastermind Members from 14 different cities participate live and other members from 9 different countries online.- 45 Members launched their books and became Authors- 8 Keynote Presentations- 138 Awards & Recognitions- “Just a Minute Speaker” Contest – Cultural Performances by members, amazing networking, and relationship
VP’s Note Dear Members,Though we did a lot of things in July 2021 in TLC, one of the key highlights is Reelathon. Being an implementation-focused Mastermind Community, we had great participation from all our members posting 761 Instagram Reels which generated 4,27,065 views & counting. In this month we also had 17 members renewing their Annual Membership and continuing their learning journey. The next highlight was launching 28 Book Covers of TLC Authors virtually via
Are you planning to write your new Book or a new blog article? Here are 100 Ways to Improve your writing from book written by Gary Provost I. Nine Ways to Improve Your Writing When You’re Not Writing  Get Some Reference Books Expand Your Vocabulary Improve Your Spelling Read Take a Class Eavesdrop Research Write in Your Head Choose a Time and Place  II. Nine Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block  Copy Something Keep a Journal Talk About What You’re Writing Touch Your Toes Do Writing Exercises Organize Your
FOUNDER’S NOTE Congratulations TLC family! Our members continue to impact thousands of lives across the globe. In the past 6 months, we have launched 7 mastermind circles with 100+ NEW members across 8 different countries. With the first edition of the TLC monthly newsletter, I hope our community will grow towards the goal of impacting over one million lives. As we are marching towards the 500 member mark in the next few months, I hope this
Hi, I am Dr.Anil Anil Sharma, Preventive Physiotherapy Coach from Delhi. I help in developing a preventive course of action for people having or who tend to develop physical problems/ pains due to unawareness about the right tips. I would like to thanks Guru Murali and TLC community for making a turnaround change in my thought process and enabling me to become a successful author of  “Freedom from Rheumatoid arthritic pain” and my upcoming online
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Being a senior specialist in the department of anesthesia, along the way trained and couched a lot of students and colleagues both professionally and personally. I always knew I have it in me. But after I joined TLC all scattered ideas were sorted and step by step a clear vision called Niche appeared for me. The  course is well designed, small byte size video ,simple way of explaining the concept makes it doable. Handling gadgets
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